PCR Thermocycler / Heating Block

User manual chapter for the Bento Lab thermocycler module, which can be used for PCR or as a heat block. This article explains the general usage of the interface.

Thermocycler Specifications

Capacity32 x 0.2mL tubes
Thermal cycling systemPeltier temperature control,
active cooling
Temperature Range15°C – 99 °C
Heated Lid110°C / ambient (off)

Using the Thermocycler

Thermocycler Overview

On the initial screen, the first two buttons launch a standard PCR protocol (left button), or a standard heatblock program (middle button). The disk button on the right shows a list of previously saved protocols.

Any protocol is shown in the protocol interface. 

Overview of a PCR protocol

It displays a graphical overview of the protocol, and three buttons at the bottom. The spanner button on the left allows the user to change and customise the protocol. The disk button in the middle allows the changed protocol to be saved and the button on the right starts the thermocycler and begins running the program.

After selecting the spanner to edit the program, the bottom will display properties of different stages in the program. Clicking on any element in the protocol allows changes to be made to temperatures, duration, cycles, etc. The cog at the top right allows the heated lid to be turned on and off. After editing the program, the green back button returns the user to the overview that allows the protocol to be saved and run.