Take your lab wherever you go

The mobile genomics setup. Combines centrifuge, PCR, and gel visualisation. Portable and ready-to-go.

Take your lab wherever you go

The mobile genomics setup. Combines centrifuge, PCR and gel visualisation. Portable and ready-to-go.

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From routine lab work, to sample preparation for sequencing in the field, Bento Lab is a professional grade solution for research. 

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Portable, Compact, Precise

Designed so you can collect and check samples on the spot

David Harries, West Wales Recorders’ Meeting 2019
Photo: Kate Smith (West 
Wales Biodiversity Information Centre

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Fungal DNA barcoding

As part of the Pembrokeshire Fungus Recording Network, David Harries documents and collects fungus fruit bodies. Using Bento Lab, the team extracts fungal DNA from tiny specimen fragments, to isolate and verify a “barcode” section of the DNA from each sample. Working with Aberystwyth University, the team send off these samples for sequencing. The information gained from the DNA sequences, combined with field observations and microscopical characters, contributes to a better understanding of the relationships between fungus collections in Pembrokeshire, UK.

Pembrokeshire Fungus Recording Network DNA Barcoding Exercise May 2019

“Bento Lab enables citizen scientists to explore fungal diversity and gain a better understanding of the science that underpins molecular studies.” 

– David Harries, Pembrokeshire Fungus Recording Network

New York, United States

Rapid, on-site library preparation

In 55 minutes, Dr Sophie Zaaijer prepared a ready-to-sequence library for MinION, using Bento Lab for DNA extraction. Dr Zaaijer and the rest of the team at the New York Genome Center have developed a rapid, inexpensive, and portable strategy to re-identify human DNA called ’MinION sketching’.

Rapid re-identification of human samples using portable DNA sequencing

Sophie Zaajier, NY Genome Center

Geneva, Switzerland

BiOutils: biology in every classroom

BiOutils is a science communication platform from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Its mission is to support the teaching of modern experimental biology, providing material and know-how to teachers and classrooms. Active since 2007, its services are requested by 100% of the Geneva secondary schools and teachers enjoy with increasing demand its fundamental support. With Bento Lab, BiOutils brings classrooms an innovative approach to perform experimental biology, allowing every student to manage their own mini-laboratory!

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“Bento Lab helps me fulfil my dream… bringing a piece of a real research lab into a classroom environment!”

– Dr. Karl Perron, BiOutils group leader and Microbiologist

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Update: Bento Lab Firmware v1.13

We’re excited to announce the release of a new firmware release for Bento Lab. This update enables running multiple modules at the same time, as well as many more improvements. We highly recommend all Bento Lab users to update their software as soon as possible.

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Bento Lab Wins Good Design Award 2020

Bento Lab received a Good Design Award Gold Accolade in the Product Design Medical and Scientific category. The annual Good Design Awards is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious international Awards for design and innovation.

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Fighting Food Fraud with Bioinformatics and Biomarkers

Based on the island of Crete, BioCoS is using DNA solutions to tackle food fraud. Dr Athanasia Dourou explains how they have validated their technology to test the authenticity of olive oil.

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Genetics and molecular biology are the fundamental technologies of life. They concern all of us. And yet, only a small number of experts have access to laboratories and specialist knowledge. This is a problem caused by equipment that is closed and expensive and hardware and software that is difficult to use.

Instead, let us look at how movements like Arduino or Raspberry Pi are empowering citizens to co-create and be technology-literate. By building a diverse community around inclusive and accessible molecular biology, we want to enable professionals and non-professionals to engage with genetics in an open and responsible way. This is for everybody: curious makers, ambitious students, innovative artists and cutting-edge scientists. Find out more about how you can get hands-on with genetics and help us build a better future for biology.