Overview of the Bento Lab User Interface. Explains the function of each button, and common elements on the graphical user interface used to operate the device.
Welcome To Bento Lab Tutorial
Tutorial Button on Settings Menu

The first time Bento Lab is activated it displays a welcome tutorial showing off the basics of the interface, such as how to change values on the screen. The tutorial can be run again by opening SETTINGS (by holding down the blue HOME button for longer than 2 seconds) and selecting the tutorial button on the right side with the orange click dial.

 When Bento Lab has been switched on, an overview screen displays the status of each module.

Status Screen

 By turning the orange click-dial left or right, different elements on the screen can be selected.  

Pushing the orange click-dial when the centrifuge is selected will activate the centrifuge module. The user  can always return to the overview screen by pressing the blue home button.

The lab will display tips for best practice, such as warning the user to balance tubes. Once you have read and understood the tips, you can disable them either for one session (right check mark), in which case they will be displayed again when the lab is next turned on, or disable  the tip forever (left check mark).

Popup displaying best practice

Some buttons contain values that can be manipulated. This is indicated by the circular icon on the right of the button showing arrows pointing up and left. To change the value on this button, select the button, press and hold down the click-dial whilst turning it. This will adjust the  value up (turning right) or down (turning left). When releasing the click-dial, the new value will be set.

Menu to change centrifuge speed and duration