Compact, Portable, Precise

Designed so you can collect samples quickly and check data on the spot

Research on the move

Take your lab wherever you go

Bring your sequencing workflow to the field, and test your DNA samples on site. Bento Lab contains all of the tools for portable PCR, and fits into your hand luggage.

Professionals around the world are using Bento Lab from identifying fungi in Wales, to detecting pathogens in Cambodia, to environmental monitoring in Malaysia.

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Sophie Zaajier using Bento Lab and Nanopore MinIon for DNA extraction and fingerprinting
Sophie Zaajier, NY Genome Center

Big capacity, small footprint

Isothermal Thermocycler

Fast, repeatable PCR results with accurate, uniform block temperature for routine PCR. Equally useful as a block incubator with or without heated lid.

Precise, rapid temperature measurements using platinum resistance thermometers, the industry gold standard.

Intuitive graphical PCR protocol editor on-screen. No need to connect to a phone, tablet or laptop to edit your protocols. Save up to 100 PCR protocols.

Validated design with performance verified by researchers at world-leading research universities.

Fully compatible with standard plasticware and reagents.

Safe Gel Visualisation

Blue Led Transilluminator

Avoid DNA damage by visualising with blue light

Document with your phone

Wide range of compatible dyes

Quick spins and cell separations

13K Microcentrifuge

Speeds up to 13,500 rpm (8,000 xg)

Safety auto-lock closure system

Maintenance-free motor

Powerful, compact and cold-room compatible

Rapid DNA separation

Mini Gel Electrophoresis

Cast and run your gel in the same tank with no need for tape or extra parts

Platinum electrodes for clean operation and durability

Moulded gel tank to prevent leaks with a vented lid to dissipate heat during electrophoresis

Fit your lab in a bag

Portable PCR workflow

Bring your lab on your field trip. Bento Lab fits into your briefcase with enough room to add pipettes and other essentials.

Footprint: A4

Weight: 3.5 kg – 8 lb

Connected and simple

Stay up to date with rapid software updates

Wifi connection makes Bento Lab software updates easy. Get notified about new software releases when you switch your instrument on, and update with one click.


Worldwide Power Compatibility

Equipped with a universal power supply, Bento Lab works globally with your adapter.