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Bento Lab At A Glance

PCR Thermocycler
Ramp rate: 2°C/s
Temperature Range: 12 to 105 °C ± 0.2 °C
Lid temp range: Ambient to 120 °C
Capacity: 32 wells 
(200 µL tubes)
PCR profiles can be edited and storied using the onboard interface.

Capacity: 6 x 2mL tubes
Max Speed: 13,500 rpm
RCF: 500 g – 8,000 g
Timer: Quick spin or timed spin

Gel Electrophoresis
Voltage: 50V – 120V
Gel tray dimensions: 91 mm x 78 mm
Gel volume: 25 mL gel, 50mL buffer
Wells: 11 and 15 well combs

Memory LCD Display, Click-Dial Interface
Dimensions: 330mm * 214mm * 81mm
(13in * 8.4in * 3.1in)
Weight: 3.5kg / 123oz
Universal Power: 110 – 240 V, 47 – 63 Hz
WiFi for software updates and connectivity

Surface dimensions: 105 mm x 85 mm
Illumination: Blue LED array
LED wavelength: 468nm wavelength
Material: Scratch-resistant acrylic plastic

Manuals and More
Find out more about using Bento Lab in the online manual and technical documentation.

Download Manual (PDF)

Research in the Field

Bring your lab to the samples

Exciting research happens at the frontiers. The flexibility of Bento Lab gives researchers the freedom to prepare samples in the field. Why wait weeks to take the next step? Whether running remote barcoding experiments  or preparing samples for mobile tools like the MinIon, Bento Lab is small enough to fit into your backpack.

Research At the Fringe
Bento Lab for teaching - hands-on biotech in the classroom

Molecular Biology Practicals

Inspire the Scientist in Every Student

Every student has a life defining moment in their education. Sometimes the first time they pick up a pipette. Nurturing this curiosity is one of the most important things educators do. Bento helps instructors unleash the creative potential in every student by getting hands-on with molecular biology.