PCR Grade Water

Free from DNase, RNase and protease contamination.

PCR Grade Water

Free from DNase, RNase and protease contamination.



This Sterile Highly Purified Water product is DEPC treated and manufactured to eliminate RNase enzyme activity. This is Autoclaved sterile and is suitable for use in PCR work. 

RNase contamination is not uncommon and can be very frustrating. The techniques  that are sources of contamination range from procedures such as plasmid preps to nuclease protection assays. Other sources of RNase contamination can be bacterial cultures grown for cloning, or products, such as restriction enzymes. Airborne or surface and solution contamination can also be a problem and the laboratory water supply is an obvious environmental source of RNase.

Humans contribute as a good source of RNase; body fluids such as saliva, tears and mucus, can contain RNase’s It is therefore very important to create laboratory regimes to control against contamination. The inclusion of a  good SOP (standard operating procedures) and the use of certified RNase-free reagents and equipment especially  pipette tips contribute to removal of RNase.


  1. Autoclaved sterile
  2. DEPC treated


Suitable for use in PCR work.



5 mL tube

Storage & Stability

Store dry and at room temperature.

Shipping conditions

Shipped at ambient temperature.

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