Adjustable Pipette

Multi-Volume Single Channel Micropipette

£20.00 ex VAT

High accuracy and precision micropipette for beginners and professionals.



This pipette is a general all-purpose micropipette that offers high accuracy and precise pipetting for great value. This pipette is perfect for beginners and professionals who are looking for an affordable, reliable pipette.

The pipette has been quality tested in accordance with ISO8655, and includes tools to disassemble and calibrate the device. The lower body of the pipette is safe for autoclaving along with treatment using common cleaning reagents.


The micropipette is designed for professional use. Simple one-handed operation for right-or left-handed users.

  • Easy to calibrate and disassemble with the tools provided
  • Autoclavable and chemical resistant pipette body tip
  • Calibrated in accordance with DIN 12650 (Inaccuracy ±3.0% ; imprecision ≤2.0%)