Pipetting 101

Activity 2
Accurate Pipetting


This activity has been designed to help you learn pipetting accuracy and consistency.


Included in Pipetting 101 Kit

1 Plastic petri dish and Activity 2 card

2 Practice pipetting dyes

Included in Biotech 101 Kit

3 20 µL micropipette

4 20 µL pipette tips


  1. Setup

    Place the plastic petri dish over the Activity 2 card.

  2. Protocol

    Pipette the indicated volumes of a coloured dye into the very centre of each circle

    Rinse the pipette tip when you change colours by pipetting up and down in a beaker of water

    Pipette the indicated volumes into the very centre of each circle, using a new pipette tip for each colour.

    Steady your pipette by supporting the shaft of your pipette using a finger of your other hand.

    When pipetting onto circles near the petri dish edge, raise the pipette towards the vertical, as if you were trying to strike a pool ball near the cushion.

    Dispense just above the surface of the petri dish, rather than touching the plastic with the tip.

    You can pipette different colour food dyes in rows, or you can mix and match colours to make a more interesting pattern.