Getting Started with Bento Lab

Bento Lab is not only for professionals! If you’re fascinated by genetics and biotechnology, we built Bento Lab for you too – even if you’ve never held a pipette in your life. With Bento Lab, you can start learning about genetics hands on, and progress to carrying out your own experiments. Join a growing and diverse community!

What exactly is Bento Lab?

Bento Lab is a DNA analysis laboratory, that combines the essential tools for molecular biology used by scientists everyday.

With Bento Lab, you can take a biological sample, extract the DNA, and conduct a simple genetic analysis.

Bento Lab Getting Started

Bento Lab Starter Kit

Bento Lab is ready-to-go laboratory hardware. The Starter Kit contains all the materials you need when learning to use Bento Lab for the first time, including instructions and reagents.

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Bento Lab and Starter Kit