bento·lab is a powerful, personal laboratory that enables scientists, DIYbiologists, artists and all curious minds to engage with biology and biotechnology any place and any time.

Our Vision

We believe the world is ready for personal biotechnology tools. Our mission is making great products that enable everyone to work with biology as a material and a technology. Safely, conveniently and creatively. We make tools for scientists, pioneers, learners, artists and makers.

Our Team

bento·lab is created by six Londoners. The team brings together a passion for biology, discovery and citizen science with experience in precision engineering and design. We are all committed to increasing safe and affordable access to biotechnology.
We are supported by UCL Biochemical Engineering and UCL Advances

Our Story

bento·lab comes from a vibrant community of do-it-yourself biology and started as Darwin Toolbox at the iGEM 2013 World championship. It has since been featured on W.I.R.E.D. and at the Edinburgh Science Festival 2014, and the Rome Makerfaire 2013. The lab will soon be on show at the BIO¬∑FICTION Science Art Film Festival and iGEM 2014 World Jamboree.

Get Involved · Pioneers

End of October, we are launching the bento·pioneer program, making bento·lab available to early adopters. Together with you, we want to explore the potential for personal biotechnology.
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